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A Man of Service

I was encouraged to serve at a young age. Service was described to me not only as helping those less fortunate, but also being active in relationships. I believe you can help your community just as much by building relationships as you can by working at a shelter or cleaning up trash along the highway.

Many people have taught me how to be active in a relationship. My parents, friends, and family - of course - have taught me valuable lessons about serving those close to you. But also my educators have been great examples of service.


One educator that stands out in their service to me is the retiring headmaster of the Lovett School, Mr. Peebles.

Mr. Peebles has gone out of his way multiple times to affirm my peers, my family and my own service. Back in high school, when I’d see Mr. Peebles in the hallway, he’d always stop and say, “hello Janie,” or “good afternoon Miss Price.” At first I thought Mr. Peebles only knew me because my family has always been involved at Lovett, but I have never met someone as excellent with names as Mr. Peebles. You could ask many current students or recent alumni if they thought Mr. Peebles knew their name and I bet they would say yes. There is such power in addressing someone by their name - you immediately feel recognized and important. Thank you, Mr. Peebles, for showing me and my peers that we are important.

Another moment when Mr. Peebles displayed his incredible service was when my cousin, Julie Harlan, passed away in the Spring of 2017. Not only did Mr. Peebles speak so kindly of my wonderful cousin at her funeral, he also helped in our efforts to continue her memory at Lovett. In my eyes, Mr. Peebles is constantly exceeding expectations to help entire families in the Lovett community. Thank you, Mr. Peebles, for caring about my family!

One more instance when Mr. Peebles’ service did not go unnoticed was in October 2016. I was coming back to Lovett to facilitate a leadership workshop with the current 9th graders. The workshop is called a Changemaker Day and it’s led by an education organization called My Name My Story. This was my first Changemaker Day since I joined the My Name My Story team and I was nervous. As I walked down the hall to the upper school office the morning of the workshop, I saw no one other than Mr. Peebles! I immediately felt at ease as he thanked me for continuing to impact the Lovett community. Mr. Peebles’ acceptance and faith in me created a spark that has motivated me throughout every workshop I have lead in college! Maybe one day someone will say I served him/her as Mr. Peebles served me.

Thank you, Mr. Peebles, for your service.

In gratitude,

Janie Price

Lovett class of 2014.


The Jane Way
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