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Kappa Delta

Yes, I’m in a sorority. Yes, I know there are many different connotations with being in a sorority… but I’m here to tell you why I LOVE my sorority.

To start off, Kappa Delta is one of 12 panhellenic sororities at UNC. We are not - nor is any chapter at UNC - comprised of 'steroetypical sorority girls.' We are a group of strong women, students, innovators, activists, creators, athletes, and influencers focused on our careers. Kappa Delta is just something we have in common.


Being in KD is not about trying to fit in – being in KD is about realizing that you already do fit in. Kappa Delta gave me the comfort to feel loved in my own skin.

When I walk into the little blue house on Frankin St, I feel appreciated. KD is about being accepted for who you are and feeling celebrated for your unique passions. I have been to so many events to celebrate the passions of my friends in KD. From comedy shows to research documentaries to philanthropic art auctions, seeing someone in their element is incredibly worthwhile. It’s such a win-win: I gain more life experiences while she feels supported and confident in her work!

I believe when you feel comfortable in your own skin, it allows you to take more risks and expand upon your character. For me, that was running for leadership positions within KD.

Being the president of 200 powerful women was not an easy task, but it was one of the most insightful experiences I have ever had.

  • The first thing I learned during my presidency is that you shouldn’t handle every situation or person the same. Leadership relies heavily upon adaption – I wasn’t leading 200 Janie Price’s ­(that would have been a lot easier). It’s key to know your chapter.

  • The second thing I learned was that you can only plan so much. Act with passion and vulnerability and things will work out. If you know who you are, you know what decisions you should be making.

  • The last thing I learned is that I struggle with finding ‘me time.’ My dad likes to call it ‘margin.’ Even after my presidency, I have a hard time realizing I need to pause and take a moment. But I’m working on it – change doesn’t happen over night.

Through comfort, challenge, and change, KD has made me a better version of myself.


Yes, I’m in a sorority. And yes I am proud of it.

The Jane Way
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