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Exceeding expectations

I've always been told to 'prove em wrong' and exceed expectations. But sometimes that is harder than you'd think. However, when I think about my grandma I find reassurance - she is the queen of exceeding expectations.

Helen Janeway was born on April 24, 1922. She has 4 children, 6 grand children, and 6 great grand children. Although she doesn't say it out-loud, her favorite grandchild is her namesake (hehe, that's me).

I originally wanted to make this blog about stories that my grandma has told me - she was in the CIA and sat on Albert Einstein's lap. (So badass!) But at the beginning of January she fell quite ill. Don't fret, she's recovering now. My grandma is strong. She's fierce and funny. She's a fighter.

She dedicated her life to service. Whether it is to her job, family, or country my grandma doesn't let anything get in her way. She has a crazy perseverance that pushes her to keep climbing, to keep moving forward, to keep exceeding expectations.

I've only been able to have a few short phone calls with her this Spring - nothing long enough to get a good story. But my grandma was interviewed last year and I have a few favorite quotes that I'd like to share in my blogs. Here's one that goofily explains how she is always wanting and proving herself worthy of more:


"The first horse my father got for me was a former circus horse named 'Johnny Jump Up.' Dad said I would not get another one until I had learned to ride it bareback. I finally got so good that I could ride it bareback standing up - just like a circus performer. That convinced him."


I first want to point out that she doesn't settle. If my grandma wants more, she goes for it. I think that's the first step to exceeding expectations: not giving up, not settling.

Secondly, she is given a bargain, one my great-grandfather thought she couldn't reach, but did she show him! I like to imagine my 95 year-old grandma practicing night and day and attempting to do cool tricks on her horse!


*One thing you should know about my grandma is that her stories are usually 100% truthful, but sometimes her facts 'exceed expectations' too... But I believe her! Cuz us Janeways, we have a tendency to exceed expectations! :)


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