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My mom is one of my best friends. I am incredibly thankful to be able to say that. She's the person I vent to, she's the person I call when I'm having a bad day, and she also gives great advice.

I want to touch on one piece of advice that has really shaped my friendships in college. But this piece of advice was never said out-loud, it's something I learned the hard way through my mistakes in high school.


In any relationship, don't tell the other person what to do or how to live their life, but always be there for them - in the good and bad.


I think everyone makes mistakes in high school - whether it involves friendships, grades, whatever. And if my mom had told me to be a certain way or to not do this and that, I would have never experienced the mistakes that taught me the power of her loyalty and love.

If you've ever had someone be there for you when you messed up and they did not judge you, did not scold you, but truly they were just there for you - that's a powerful friend.

It's almost a bigger lesson to reflect on your mistake than feel punished for it.

I never realized how important this lesson was until I went to college. Just like high school (and probably all of life), college is a time for mistakes. College is also a time to create INCREDIBLE friendships.

I strive to be like how my mom is with me when I hang out with my college friends - love on them, don't be bossy, and be there when they need a pick-me-up. And as we're the average of whom we keep, my friends tend do the same for me!


The Jane Way
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