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How to create a vector portrait

What you need:

  • A photograph/muse

  • Adobe Illustrator (knowledge of the pen tool is needed to be able to trace)

  • Patience

What to do:

1. Paste your photograph into an Illustrator document.

One of my favorite singers is Amy Winehouse, I'll use her as my example:

2. Pick out 3 to 5 shades in your photograph.

It’s easier to choose 5 shades ranging from black to white than picking a ton of skin tone colors

3. Trace the shapes of the shadows, highlights, and key elements in your photograph.

4. Fill the shapes in with one color (White is helpful) to see if you have any overlapping.

If you can’t tell if something is blocked, use CommandY and you can see your outlines again!

5. Compare with your photograph and assign the proper shade to each shape.

6. Add any other elements you want to! BOOM! You’re done!


The Jane Way
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